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Simple. Highly Secure. The prefect solution to share and protect your sensitive files.

Health CareThe most secure solution for the protection of your patient and health data

In health care documentation effort is extensive and time-consuming despite of skills shortage and low time resources. Regardless of the great bureaucratic effort, patient data are highly sensitive information, worth protecting and thus subject to special care. With bdrive you receive a certified DSGVO-conform solution that simplifies everyday work life in compliance with the highest safety precautions.
* Exclusively ISO-27001 certified data centers in Germany

  • Track the exact location with bdrive’s user interface
  • Know on which servers your files are located at any time
Health Care

Legal SystemHighly sensitive handling with confidential, worth protecting files

Confidential information often sent as e-mail attachments via download and upload links, can be easily exchanged via download or upload links in bdrive and thus comply with the highest safety requirements despite simple usability.
The files stay secured against any kind of insight and can further be password protected or provided with an SMS-TAN. For lawyers like yourself, who exchange confidential and personal data with colleagues and clients, bdrive provides the optimal solution for efficient and secure collaboration.

Legal System

Project ManagementSecure and fast sharing of large plans and documents

With bdrive sharing of large-scale plans and documents with your partners, clients and colleagues becomes fast and secure. Access rights and duration of access can be set individually. The exchange of files with external partners, without bdrive access, via link share and file request can be made secure and easy.

  • Determine and manage access rights
  • Easy collaboration with internal and external partners
  • Link share and file request feature
  • Highly secure storage location for your projects
  • Made & hosted in Germany
Project Management

Human ResourcesBdrive enables secure digital work

Use bdrive to exchange your HR-processes and employee data fast and securely within and outside your company. Provide your applicants and employees the safe feeling, that personal data get handled safe and confidentially.

  • Safe personal data with a good conscience
  • Share CVs, contracts and confidential documents
  • Request files via a highly secure link
  • Show your applicants and employees that data security and protection have the highest priority
Human Resources

Banks & Insurance CompaniesMeet your data security and compliance requirements with bdrive

Exchange files securely with colleagues and clients. Benefit from the simple user interface and the fast exchange of your files.

  • Complete end-to-end encryption
  • Fragmentation of files
  • Allocation to at least 3 ISO-certified data centers in Germany
  • Own S3 CSP-integration possible
  • Files are preserved even if a cloud server fail occurs
Banks & Insurance Companies

Offices & AuthoritiesStart digitalization: Highly secure and easy

With bdrive internal and external exchange of files becomes safe and simple for you and your partners.

  • Identity management via certificates
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Management of users and their access rights (owner, editor, viewer)
  • BSI-Certification CC EAL 2 and applied for VS-NfD, in compliance with DSGVO, KRITIS, §302 STGB
Offices & Authorities

“Hosted in Germany”

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Fragmentation of files
  • Allocations to at least 3 ISO-certified data centers in Germany, own S3 CSP-connection possible
  • Identity management via certificates
  • Two-factor authentication at login
  • Management of users and their access rights (owner, editor, viewer)
  • TÜV IT Pentest Assessment 2019
  • DSGVO-, KRITIS- and §302 StGB-compliant
  • Coming soon: VS-NfD and BSI CC EAL 2 certification