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Checks Sender and Recipient Identity

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Recover Lost Files

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File Access: Anywhere and Anytime

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Prevents Data Loss

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Efficient Networking with your Colleagues

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Full Control over your Data

Prevent Dataloss with CloudRAID

The encrypted data fragments are stored fail-safe at various cloud storage providers. Storage using CloudRAID ensures that your files are available at all times, even if technical problems occur with individual cloud providers. This is due to the consciously created redundant storage of the file fragments on several cloud storages. This means that your files can be put together even when accessing only a subset of the storage services is possible.

Prevent Dataloss with CloudRAID

Simple. Highly Secure. The perfect solution to share and protect your sensitive files.

Secure Through Advanced CryptographyInnovative technologies for collaboration in your working environment

The combination of end-to-end encryption and certificate authentication in Bdrive ensures that your files are protected from unauthorized interception or access. Bdrive encrypts files using the latest cryptographic algorithms and splits the encrypted files into different fragments.

Secure Through Advanced Cryptography
Icon of Recovery of Lost FilesRecovery of Lost Files30 days backup of all files

With Bdrive you can recover any lost or deleted file within 30 days. You also have the possibility to reconstruct previous file versions of your digital file at any time.

Icon of Full Control over your DataFull Control over your DataEasy sharing with internal and external partners

Create protected download links for external recipients outside your organization. Maintain control over your shared files by setting an expiration date and requesting a password or SMS-TAN from the recipient. You can also revoke access to the download link at any time.

Icon of Efficient Networking with your ColleaguesEfficient Networking with your ColleaguesSecure and fast digital exchange of highly sensitive files

Bdrive ensures a secure and fast digital exchange of highly sensitive files, resulting in enormous time savings, as well as savings in printing, shipping and courier costs. Furthermore, Bdrive guarantees extensive protection of your data against unauthorized access at all times. As a result, Bdrive not only offers the possibility to increase the security of your collaboration, but also to accelerate it many times over.

Icon of Checks Sender and Recipient IdentityChecks Sender and Recipient IdentityAvoid unauthorized access to your digital files

The files shared with Bdrive can only be accessed by participants who have authenticated themselves with certificates. Only verified devices authorized with multi-level authentication can be used to decrypt and access shared files.

  • Full control over your files
  • Checks sender and recipient identity
  • Data access: anywhere and anytime
  • Efficient networking with your colleagues

Assists with GDPR ComplianceYour compliance and data protection at the highest standard

Bdrive helps companies comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by providing reliable encryption. Common Criteria Certification reviews and penetration tests confirm Bdrive's high security standards.

Assists with GDPR Compliance

Recover Lost Files30 days backup of all files

With Bdrive you'll be able to recover any file thought lost or deleted within 30 days. Besides, you'll also have the option to reconstruct previous file versions of your digital file at any time.

Recover Lost Files