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Data Centres in Germany

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Extensive Protection of your Data

end to end encryption

End-to-end Encryption

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Identity Management via Certificates

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Custom Control of Access Rights

Simple. Highly Secure. The prefect solution to share and protect your sensitive files.

“Hosted in Germany”Encrypted Storage of your Files

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Fragmentation of files
  • Allocations to at least 3 ISO-certified data centers in Germany, own S3 CSP-connection possible
  • Identity management via certificates
  • Two-factor authentication at login
  • Management of users and their access rights (owner, editor, viewer)
  • TÜV IT Pentest Assessment 2019
  • DSGVO-, KRITIS- and §302 StGB-compliant
  • Coming soon: VS-NfD and BSI CC EAL 2 certification

CloudRAID Technology With the CloudRAID technology files are partitioned into small puzzle pieces (fragments)

The individual fragments are stored encrypted on at least three highly secure ISO-27001 certified servers in Germany. This ensures that the files are never visible or misused by third parties, as only encrypted fragments of the files are available. Only when they reach the right user, the fragments are reassembled and decrypted and thus become fully-fledged files again. The CloudRAID technology was developed together with the Hasso-Plattner-Institute.

CloudRAID Technology

End-to-end Encryption With the integration of Bdrive on the device of the user, a key for encrypting the files is automatically created

This encryption key always stays on the user’s device. With this key only, the files of the user can be decrypted again to ensure that only authorised users have access. No third-party or admin can read the data. This encryption system was developed the Fraunhofer AISEC research institute according to BSI-guidelines.

End-to-end Encryption

Local Encryption of your Files Before they Exit your DeviceEnd-to-end encryption and CloudRAID to protect your files in the cloud

The latest cryptographic algorithms are used to encrypt the files on the users' devices. The key always remains on the user's computer. Additionally, the encrypted files are split into blocks and distributed to at least three cloud storage services.

Local Encryption of your Files Before they Exit your Device

Extensive Protection of your Data

Bdrive protects your company data from unauthorized access. Even Bdrive-developers or Cloud storage providers don’t have access to the files shared in Bdrive due to the zero knowledge.

Extensive Protection of your Data

Individual Control of Access Rights

Through the possible adjustment or revocation of access rights, the owners always have full control over your data. In any case, Bdrive logs every change or editing made.

Individual Control of Access Rights