Everyone claims securityBdrive: The benchmark for information security

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Security without Loopholes

Bdrive uses CloudRAID technology and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to protect your data to the maximum. This powerful combination ensures that none of us – neither neXenio nor Bundesdruckerei nor our cloud storage providers – can compile and access your data. Files can also be shredded with no traceable residues. Such working environment performance spikes and renders any identity breach impossible.

Be in Control

CloudRAID divides your data into chunks that are separately sent to cloud storage services all over Germany. As an additional measure, end-to-end encryption uses cryptographic keys to encrypt your data. Only devices authorized with multi-level authentication can be used to decrypt and access the data. This data sovereignty ensures secure collaboration in real time.

Bdrive or Bdriven

As data grows in size and complexity, so does the regulatory environment. Traditional tools can‘t keep up. Bdrive’s European origin, known to have the heaviest regulatory burden, enables Bdrive to manage this with ease. It provides ultimate security, no limit on storage or performance, and adds data protection to complex data landscapes seamlessly. Bdrive is sophisticated technology at your finger tips and easy to use within your existing IT landscape.

Prevents Dataloss

Do you want access to an older version of your file that you deleted? We’ve got you covered! You can restore any data that you deleted in Bdrive within 30 days. Further, redundant storage using CloudRAID prevents loss of your data even if multiple cloud service providers face technical issues.

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Secure yet Straight-forwardThe best experience, without compromises

Our cryptography and technology might be complex, but our user interface is designed to be intuitive and straight-forward.

Save your headaches

  • Share folders and files in a click
  • Request files from anybody
  • Trace activity on your files
  • Revert any file to earlier versions
  • Recover deleted files

Made in GermanyBdrive is the next level data protection service making the cloud fully secure.

Bdrive combines world class experience with cutting edge tech savvy. The Bundesdruckerei Germany’s federal agency producing banknotes, passports and ID management systems teamed up with neXenio, one of Germany’s most innovative startups, staffed by top engineers from Hasso Plattner Institute, the digital knowledge ‘factory’ of one of the SAP founders, to take security in the cloud and for file sharing to a new level.

How to use the Bdrive technology? The Bdrive technology is directly integrated into existing applications and systems. We - Bundesdruckerei and neXenio - develop a new system based on the combination of Bdrive and your existing solutions, which is tailored exactly to your needs and thus creating perfect working conditions.